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Who we are


Company History

Obsidian Urban Design is a company founded in 2015 by directors with a collective 20 years’ experience in the retail and furniture business in Kenya and abroad. This combined knowledge and experience provided us with the means to improve and enhance a positive client experience in large-scale furnishings in the growing real estate market.

What we do

Our company provides interior furnishing solutions for project scale endeavours. We advise on ideas in interior decoration and follow through with the sourcing, importing, and instalments of the furnishings proposed. We coordinate with project managers to ensure that all furnishings are in line with our client’s vision for their space and that all items are in place according to the schedule planned. Our client service is exceptional as we build relationships which ensure the smooth transition between the development and selling/opening phases of our clients’ projects.

Who we are

Strategy & Vision

What we do

To provide exceptional services, products, and solutions to exceed our clientele’s expectations.

Mission statement

To build long-term relationships with our clients and provide outstanding A+ service by pursuing business through passion, creativity, and innovation.


We value our clients and we believe in treating them with respect and integrity. We will grow by integrating innovation, creativity, and technology into our business model. We incorporate our human values of integrity and business ethics in all aspects of our business.


To build a strong reputation in the field of project scale furnishings and become a key player in the industry. To expand our business locally and regionally by developing a foundational base of clientele and consistently providing them with exceptional service in the industry.